SHOCKING! Why African youth are poor

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Author: A. A Sakyi

If you care to find out the reflection of hopelessness on the faces of our miserable young people, then I can assure you this article you are reading will confirm exactly something you have thought of to be the cause of it sometime ago. I wrote this to awaken that same belief you might have had about why there are teeming struggling youth, scattered all over the continent.

The Cause?

There is this adage in my local language- Akan which goes like this, “Dea odi akyire sua nea odi kan no nante.” It simply means in English “Followers always take the same path of their leaders.” (transliterated, mine). In as much as this is true, this is not the same case with life here in Africa, especially from our rich and wealthy men and women. These rich and wealthy people live their lives in much secrecy so much that the young people find it difficult to understand the cause for their wealth. And this is the reason why the have-not will try everything with their curiosity and desperation to make money.

Its almost as if one lives on an island with very little successful people to learn from. But that is not the case with the present life we live in. The rich among us live with unspoken words like Cain in the Bible after murdering his own brother said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”, so they mount heavy security in their habitat, all in the name of having their privacy and sometimes throwing coins to those who spent all day begging them. And I believe this culture of selfishness is what is boiling the heart of the upcoming generation to experiment unprofitable ventures to make money for themselves. That’s why the youth of today are into betting, lottery, quick-money schemes which in turn rewards depression and emptiness.

Lack of motivation, seminars, conferences and other corresponding outreaches by the rich people is what is killing creativity among the youth. Because everything the successful people have come out of their ability to turn somethings into those profitable business which in turn made them wealthy, if taught will be received gladly by the youth to also walk same path.


In every community where there is a neglect of young people, especially for things that will satisfy their curiosity and stage them upwards, they resort to things that disturbs the peace of society as a whole. That’s why we have them among fraudsters, political vigilantism, assassins, etc.

It’s sad and awakening at the same time, as I write this to remind, and cause a reflection of this shameful, wicked life and effect a more approachable lifestyle that help the seekers of knowledge to know every step the successful people took to climb where we see them today. Help somebody to be at a good level of life if you have been privileged.

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