How To Be A Good Employee

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Author: A. A. Sakyi

The truth is, many people look for job after graduation. You are not the only person who is dreaming of getting a job that can pay your expenses. But whiles you are hoping to get this dream come true, employers also have a dream of getting someone who will push their company forward- in its operations. So these are two dreams that intercept at a point to realize each dream.

Firstly, you should be thinking about what you are going to bring on board to any company or business that employs you. Thinking about the salary is good but every company will also think about your contributions to make it more profitable. Thus, having more to pay you- more. Do you have such capacity? I’m sure you will gladly say yes. So go ahead and get your dream job, keeping in mind with preparations of these things below;

  1. Be more interested in the overall objective of the Company:

In our advance world of technology, it is easy to access the vision and mission of any company you have applied to work for. So you are to know what their focus is in terms of operations, studying and working more to realize these objectives will make you a good candidate for acceptance and further promotions. Even from the start of your interview, let them know you know them! Speak about their positives and then majoring practical steps per your role when given to help achieve their objective(s).

2. Set your goals inline with the main goals

A good employee is time bound to deliver when and where his responsibility is required. Your role in the company must be timely effective and not one lagging when needed at the end of the day. So you begin with, per the company’s objective and plan of the year, to achieve your expected output to make balance. You have to set goals and follow strictly. When you do this, with excellency delivery from your office, then I can assure you will be one of the recommendable employee of the company.

3. Be creative in your work

Nothing spurs growth than having someone who is focused on not only the job but new ways of doing the same thing effectively with efficient results. Employers lookout for people who will perform for the realization of the company’s dream as I have said earlier, thus employees who introduce new strategies to boost production as well as fight challenges remain valuable and apt for managing higher affairs of the business. Whatever essential skill you have, use it for your work excellence.

4. Be honest, don’t pretend.

You and I know that in the name of work, many people would skew all that types of things to make them fit into a position. This is not right and you may end up your career within the shortest possible time. It is advisable not to act beyond your known capabilities. Employers want people who will do well and even beyond their expectations. If you don’t apply honestly for a role, your shortcomings will leave a dent on your prestige integrity. Tell what you can do, apply for the role you have expertise in, and deliver to surge the company forward.

5. Learn from the team at work

You will always find “footprints” at every office you will occupy. It is important not to discard the relevant information of their records but learning how to add up to make the work more efficient. Going into a company as a team member and behaving like you know it all will only cut you off or bring shame where you get it wrong. It is by the individuals effort, NOT only you will a good company achieve its goals. Be part of the winning team, be known of the winning team. Try as much as possible to assist and also call for it when you are not sure of what you are thinking. Isolation has never helped anybody to do anything great in life. Your employer added you to himself, and the rest of the team because he wants you to fill the gap which together with you can bring success.

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